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> Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society 济云阁 Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society 济云阁 Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society 济云阁 Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society 济云阁

Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society

Prior to the founding of Chee Hoon Kog, its founders had been performing Hoo Kee (fu ji or spirit-writing) at Jalan Hock Chye in Hougang, in a house belonging to Cai Lian Deng, who was one of the founders. The group has a close relationship with Perak Chee Tek Kok, such that whenever their president and mediums were in Singapore, they would participate and provide advice to the Hoo Kee sessions at Jalan Hock Chye.
With the help from Perak Chee Tek Kok, Chee Hoon Kog received permission from Xie Tian Ge (authority for De Jiao) to setup a new pavilion in Singapore, which was founded in 1953. Members of Chee Hoon Kog continue to use the home of Cai Lian Deng for its consultation services during the initial years.
In the early 1960s Chee Hoon Kog stopped its operation. Many of its volunteers continued their De Jiao endeavours at Leng Ern Jee and Chee Hwan Kog, and the censer of Chee Hoon Kog was brought over to Chee Hwan Kog.
In 1981 Ji Gong descended during Hoo Kee sessions at Chee Hwan Kog and Perak Chee Tek Kok, and ordered the revival of Chee Hoon Kog.
A committee was setup to follow through Ji Gong's instructions. In 1982 Chee Hoon Kog was successfully registered with the authorities, using the house at 326 River Valley Road as their temporary address, while a fund-raising exercise was started to finance their permanent home. In 1986 the new building in Bedok was built, which includes an old-folk home.
Chee Hoon Kog belongs to the Ji group of Dejiao Hui (Moral Uplifting Society).
Summary of De Jiao .

Sunday 9pm - Consultation through Hoo Kee or spirit-writing

在济云阁创阁之前,后港有一群人经常聚集于后港惹兰福财光明园蔡联登家坛设鸾请乩。霹雳济德阁阁长及鸾掌来新时都会造访参乩, 并指导鸾务。道济师尊有感诸生虔诚,,遂向协天阁请准,,并于当时在霹雳济德阁颁诏命名, 济云阁遂由此于1953年诞生。后来 环境改变,阁务停顿,德子转 至灵隐寺与济芳阁服务,并将香炉按奉于济芳阁。
1981年济公活佛在济芳阁及霹雳济德阁鸾台降谕, 必须速谋复兴济云阁,于是同人等开会选出发起人,再向当局申请注册。1982 年获政府批准, 而即宣告成立。
灵隐寺济云阁济芳阁属于济系德教会,三阁缔结善缘, 连成一气,互相帮助。

每逢星期日晚上九点: 扶乩问事
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Address: 1 Jalan Bilal, Singapore
Tel: 6441 0619, 6442 2268

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