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   Hokchia / Yishun Other temples in this area

> Cheow Leng Beo 昭灵庙 Cheow Leng Beo 昭灵庙 Cheow Leng Beo 昭灵庙 Cheow Leng Beo 昭灵庙

Cheow Leng Beo

Based on a temple's stele erected in 1998, the history of Cheow Leng Beo (zhao ling miao) began in 1853, when the Hokchia pioneers brought the statue of Liu Jin Sheng Hou from Jiangdou (Fuqing, Fuzhou, Fujian) to a shophouse at Rochor Road.In order to cater for the growing number of devotees, Cheow Leng Beo moved to Sungei Road, and it was known then as the clan house of Jiangdou. In the early 1960s the temple moved to Jalan Raja Udang and returned to Sungei Road in the late 1980s. In the 1990s the area was slated for redevelopment, which triggered Cheow Leng Beo to partner with Chee Hoon Sun Kong to build Chee Leng Lian He Miao, which was completed in 1997 and the temple consecrated in the same year.

  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Marshal Xuan Zan 宣赞元帥Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Fa Zhu Xian Fei 法主仙妃
Jin Han Er Jiang 金韩二将
San Dian Zhen Jun 三殿真君
Da Di Sheng Hou 达地圣候
Fifth Emperor God (Wu Huang Da Di) 五皇大帝
Bai Ma Yuan Shuai 白马元帥
Hou Tu Fu Ren 后土夫人
Zun Zhu Ming Wang 尊主明王
Activities 活动
庚子(鼠)年正月初四日 : 接神
Lunar: 4th of 1st mth - Receiving Deities

庚子(鼠)年正月初九日 : 拜天公
Lunar: 9th of 1st mth - Birthday of Jade Emperor

庚子(鼠)年闰四月十三日 : 达地圣候圣诞
Lunar: 13th of 5th mth - Birthday of Da Di Sheng Hou

庚子(鼠)年八月初九日 : 重阳祭祖
Lunar: 9th of 9th mth - Chongyang Jie Ancestral Worship

庚子(鼠)年九月十一日 : 柳金圣侯圣诞
Lunar: 11th of 10th mth - Birthday of Liu Jin Sheng Hou

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 525 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore
Tel: 6752 6752

Operating Hours:
Tue, Sat - 7am to 10pm
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun

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