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> Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun 普平寺善联山宫 Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun 普平寺善联山宫 Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun 普平寺善联山宫 Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun 普平寺善联山宫

Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun

Chin Pin Tze San Lian Sun Temple (pu ping si shan lian shan gong) used to be two independant temples - Chin Pin Tze and San Lian Sun.
Chin Pin Tze was founded in the early 20th century in Qing Zai Ba (Tampines Ave 1, current location of Temasek Polytechnic) by a Mr Goh, who brought the 'Joss Ash' from the Chin Pin Tze in Xi Tan Xiang (Zhao'An, Fujian). In the 1920s, Chin Pin Tze was rebuilt from an attap-thatched house to a zinc-roofed wooden house. Due to land acquisition by the government, the temple moved to Choa Chu Kang in 1978, then to Kranji in 1986, and to the temple's owner flat at Bedok Reservoir Road in 1993.
San Lian Sun was founded in 1983 at Choa Chu Kang and moved to Boon Lay in 1987.
In 1997 the two temples decided to merge and joined Cheo Lim Chin Sun Lian Hup Keng as a single entity.
In 2015 the temple to Tampines.

普平寺善联山宫是由两间庙宇组成 - 普平寺及善联山。由于缺乏资金,两间庙决定合并,以一间庙加入石林普山联合宫。
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Si Zhou Wen Fo 泗洲文佛Other temples with this as main deity
Shan Cai Tongzi 善才童子(善财童子)Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Da Er Ye Bo (Tua Li Ya Pek) 大二爷伯
Xiao Zi Gong (Filial Son) 孝子公
Dang Nian Tai Sui 当年太岁
Five Battalion Commanders (Wu Ying Shen Jiang) 五营神将
General of the Black Command 黑令将军
Da Bo Gong (Tua Pek Kong) 大伯公
Hu Ye (Tiger God) 虎爷
Activities 活动
庚子(鼠)年正月初一日 : 接财神
Lunar: 1st of 1st mth - Receiving God of Wealth

庚子(鼠)年正月初四日 : 拜太岁
Lunar: 4th of 1st mth - Pray to Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)

庚子(鼠)年正月初七日 : 点灯仪式
Lunar: 7th of 1st mth - Light-up ceremony

庚子(鼠)年正月初九日 : 拜天公
Lunar: 9th of 1st mth - Birthday of Jade Emperor

庚子(鼠)年正月十五日 : 上元节(元宵节)
Lunar: 15th of 1st mth - Yuan Xiao Jie

庚子(鼠)年五月初一日 : 泗洲文佛圣诞
Lunar: 1st of 6th mth - Birthday of Si Zhou Wen Fo

庚子(鼠)年六月十五日 : 中元节(盂兰胜会)
Lunar: 15th of 7th mth - Hungry Ghost Festival

庚子(鼠)年六月十六日 : 大二三爷伯圣诞
Lunar: 16th of 7th mth - Birthday of Tua Li Sa Ya Pek

庚子(鼠)年九月十九日 : 晋宫纪念日暨善才童子圣诞
Lunar: 19th of 10th mth - Temple anniversary celebration, Birthday of Shan Cai Tongzi

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: BLK 924 Tampines Street 91 #08-257, Singapore
Tel: 6634 0469

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