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> Ci Ern Ge 慈恩阁 Ci Ern Ge 慈恩阁 Ci Ern Ge 慈恩阁 Ci Ern Ge 慈恩阁

Ci Ern Ge

Ci Ern Ge (or Ci En Ge) is a shrine for a "tree spirit" in Toa Payoh Central, next to Block 177. The story of this shrine goes back to the kampong days in 1960s Toa Payoh, when the area was being cleared for redevelopment into a public housing estate. According to an urban legend, the bulldozer that was supposed to bring down the tree halted abruptly several times just before reaching the tree, and eventually overturned and caused serious injury to the bulldozer operator. Another version of the story said the operator died. Taoist priests and Buddhist monks were brought in to calm the spirit but nobody was willing to move the tree, and the authorities had to change its alignment of the shops to leave the tree alone. After that incident people believe there is a spirit living in that tree and built a shrine beside it in the late 1960s. The original shrine was only a wooden shed, as can be seen from the photo below taken in 1971, and it was rebuilt or refurbished over the years.
In Sep 2013 the tree that refused to budge suddenly fell by itself, damaging several cars and the shrine in the process, but the statues of deities remain intact. Residents in that area claimed there was no thunderstorm or strong wind on that day. Toa Payoh Central Merchants’ Association engaged specialists to rebuild the shrine and replant the tree, but more than half of the tree was already gone.

Old Temple
Original temple in 1971

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Address: 177 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore

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