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> Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung 芋峡塘福德宫 Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung 芋峡塘福德宫 Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung 芋峡塘福德宫 Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung 芋峡塘福德宫

Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung

Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung (yu xia tang fu de ci) is a Cantonese temple dedicated to Tu Di Gong and his wife Tu Di Po. Tu Di Gong means Earth God in Chinese, whose official title is Fu De Zheng Shen, and he is more commonly known in Singapore as Tua Pek Kong. The pair of Tu Di Gong and Tu Di Po in this temple used to be worshipped in the home of a rich family at Toa Payoh Rise (near to former Toa Payoh Hospital) but were later discarded. The statues of Tu Di Gong and Tu Di Po were found under a tree and later worshipped in a home near Tai Gin Road. The deities became very popular with the Cantonese living in the Toa Payoh and Whampoa areas, and two parties were fighting over the right to worship them. Through mediation they agreed to decide through the tossing of divination blocks, and the outcome was in favour of Fuk Tuck Chee's founders, who went on to establish Fuk Tuck Chee in the early 1940s. The other party established Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung in the early 1940s by taking the "Joss Ash" from Fuk Tuck Chee and made a replica of the Tu Di Gong and Tu Di Po using the soil found in Kim Keat Link, in a village known as Yu Xia Tang, literally means Taro Garden. At the beginning the deities were worshipped in the car park of a school at Balestier Road and later they were moved to the upper floor of a Chinese medical hall. In 1953 Fu Hup Thong Fook Tak Kung raised enough money to purchase the current site to build a permanent home for Tu Di Gong and Tu Di Po.

  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Tu Di Kong (Fu De Zheng Shen) & Tu Di Po
土地公(福德正神)与土地婆Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Earth Deity 地主神
Tua Ya Pek 大爷伯
Tiger God 虎爷
Activities 活动
  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 15 Kim Keat Lane, Singapore
Tel: 6256 2656

Operating Hours:
Daily 7am to 6pm

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