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> Fuk Tak Chi 海唇福德祠 Fuk Tak Chi 海唇福德祠 Fuk Tak Chi 海唇福德祠 Fuk Tak Chi 海唇福德祠

Fuk Tak Chi

Fuk Tak Chi (hai chun fu de ci), a former Tua Pek Kong temple, was converted to a museum in 1998.
In the old days, the Chinese referred to this former temple as 'Lips of the Sea Fuk Tak Chi', because of its close proximity to the sea, until land reclamation pushed the shoreline away. Visitors could visualize this through a model in Fuk Tak Chi that depicts the temple's surrounding in the 19th century, including the coastline and a Chinese wayang (opera) stage. In fact, Telok Ayer, the street that Fuk Tak Chi sits on, means Bay Water in Malay.
Hanging on the walls of Fuk Tak Chi are wooden plaques dated from Daoguang to the Republic eras of China, and the oldest one was presented by Kwong Wai Siew in 1824, which established the fact that Fuk Tak Chi was founded in 1824 or earlier. This 1824 plaque could be the oldest surviving wooden plaque in Singapore.
The founding group Kwong Wai Siew is made up of Cantonese and Hakka immigrants from the three Guangdong prefectures of Kwong Chow Fu, Wai Chow Fu and Siew Heng Fu. The Hakka clans Fong Yun Thai Association (represents 3 districts) and Ying Fo Fui Kun (represents 5 districts) joined in 1854 after contributing to the temple's rebuild. The Teochew and Hainanese clans contributed to the rebuild as well, but joined the temple as associate members. Among the largest donors of the 1854's rebuild was Hoo Ah Kay (aka Whampoa). Two other steles dated 1869 and 1870 listed Cheang Hong Lim and Hoo Ah Kay (aka Whampoa) as donors for the renovation of Fuk Tak Chi and its opera stage.
When Kwong Wai Siew and the Hakka clans (Fong Yun Thai & Ying Fo Fui Kun) clashed over money matter the Chinese Protector and Police Commissioner stepped in to settle the dispute, and a stele dated 1886 was erected to spell out the settlement agreement.

一块同治八年(1869) 立的重修石碑提到张芳林捐了一块地。另外同治九年(1870)立的《砌築地臺捐绿勒石碑记》提到胡南生(胡亚基)捐了三十大元,张芳林(张芳源 )捐两块地段。 光绪拾弍年(1886)广惠肇与客属八邑为了添油钱而闹上了华民护卫司署,纠纷解决后立了碑。
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Address: 76 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore
Tel: 6235 2433

Operating Hours:
10 am to 10 pm

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