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   Hokkien / Balestier Other temples in this area

> Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple 梧槽大伯公庙 Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple 梧槽大伯公庙 Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple 梧槽大伯公庙 Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple 梧槽大伯公庙

Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple

Based on the three steles in the temple, Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong temple (wu cao da bo gong miao) was built in 1847 and subsequently refurbished in 1920 and 1928. In the two refurbishments, Ong Chwee Tow of Fujian Zhao'an Dongshan ancestry (Dongshan separated from Zhao'an in 1916 to become an independant county) made significant donations and was the director of the temple during the 1920 renovation. He also made contributions for the building of Tua Pek Kong Temple and Malay Keramat on Kusu Island, and Hougang Tou Mu Kung.He passed away in 1924 and was buried in Seh Ong Cemetery (Bukit Brown Cemetery).
The wayang (opera) stage at Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong was built in 1945. It is one of the 3 remaining temples to have a permanent stage for Chinese opera, the other 2 are Pulau Ubin Fo Shan Teng and Tan Kong Tian.
In 1943, the founder of Long Quan Miao invited the 'Joss Ash' from Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong to Kranji Village to setup a new temple.
Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple is one of the four temples owned by Hokkien Huay Kuan. The other three are Kim Lan Beo, Leng San Teng and Thian Hock Keng.

梧槽大伯公庙的戏台建于1945年,是新加坡三间拥有戏台的庙宇之一,其他俩间是乌敏岛佛山亭大伯公 and 圆福殿
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Da Bo Gong(Tua Pek Kong) 大伯公Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Xie Tian Da Di 协天大帝
Madam Zhu Sheng 注生娘娘
Tiger God 虎爷(下坛元帅)
Earth God 土地公
Nezha The Third Prince 哪吒三太子
  Activities 活动View Activity Photos
庚子(鼠)年正月初一日 : 迎新年(除夕夜开始)
Lunar: 1st of 1st mth - Usher in the new year (start on the Eve)

庚子(鼠)年正月十五日 : 借红包
Lunar: 15th of 1st mth - Borrow Red Packet

庚子(鼠)年二月初二日 : 土地公圣诞
Lunar: 2nd of 2nd mth - Birthday of Earth Deity

庚子(鼠)年七月十四日 : 大伯公千秋
Lunar: 14th of 8th mth - Birthday of Tua Pek Kong

庚子(鼠)年十月初五日 : 感谢神恩
Lunar: 5th of 11th mth - Thanksgiving

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 261 Balestier Road, Singapore
Tel: 6256 7908

Operating Hours:
7:30 am to 5:30 pm

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