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> Hong San See (Chwee Long Tow) 水廊头凤山寺 Hong San See (Chwee Long Tow) 水廊头凤山寺 Hong San See (Chwee Long Tow) 水廊头凤山寺 Hong San See (Chwee Long Tow) 水廊头凤山寺

Hong San See (Chwee Long Tow)

Chwee Long Tow Hong San See (shui long tou feng shan si), aka Singapore Hong San See Temple, was founded in 1836 by immigrants from Nan'an, Fujian. Started at the hilltop of Qing Shan Ting (Wallich Hill/Road), the temple was rebuilt at the current location in 1913.
In 1973 Lam Ann (Nan'an) Association took over the management of Hong San See Temple, and was gazetted as a national monument in 1978, in recognition of its heritage and architectural values. After a major renovation between 2006 to 2010 the temple won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2010.
Lim Loh, father of World War II hero Lim Bo Seng, was the key person behind the building of Hong San See in 1913. He was buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery. He was also the founder of another temple - Kai Hock Tong
Chwee Long Tow is the colloquial name for the area that the temple sits on, which means 'water factory' in Hokkien/Teochew, in reference to the former Ice factory at Merbau Road. The ice factory, known as Straits Ice Co. Ltd, was a subsidiary of Cold Storage. It probably started operation in 1901 or earlier.

水廊头凤山寺由福建南安人创立于1836年,是新加坡第一间凤山寺。水廊头凤山寺的原址在华丽街附近的青山亭山顶,1913年在水廊头的小山丘上重建。负责重建的建筑师就是抗日英雄林谋盛烈士之父林路(也称为林云龙),1919年辞世后埋葬在武吉布朗坟山 (也称为武吉布朗坟场, 武吉布朗墓地, 武吉布朗墓园或咖啡山)。林路也是开福堂的创始人。
凤山寺坐落在莫罕默苏丹路,俗称水廊头(水工厂的意思),因附近的慕宝路曾经有间冰厂。这冰厂是附属于 Cold Storage 的 Straits Ice Co. Ltd ,大概在1901年或之前开始营业。
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Guangze Zunwang 广泽尊王Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Miao Ying Xian Fei 妙应仙妃
Gan Tian Da Di 感天大帝
Qing Shui Zu Shi 清水祖師
Xuan Tian Shangdi 玄天上帝
City God 城隍爷
Tua Li Ya Pek (Da Er Ye Bo) 大二爷伯
Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy/Compassion) 观音
The Third Prince (Nezha) 莲花三太子
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庚子(鼠)年二月廿二日 : 广泽尊王圣诞
Lunar: 22nd of 2nd mth - Birthday of Guangze Zunwang

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 30 Mohammed Sultan Road, Singapore
Tel: 6423 4616

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