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> Nanyang Sacred Union 南洋圣教总会 Nanyang Sacred Union 南洋圣教总会 Nanyang Sacred Union 南洋圣教总会 Nanyang Sacred Union 南洋圣教总会

Nanyang Sacred Union

Nanyang Sacred Union was founded in 1929/1930 at Peking Street and moved to the current location in 1940. Currently Nanyang Sacred Union occupies 3 houses - 251, 253 and 255 River Valley Road. 253 used to be the townhouse of Seah Song Seah, the third son of Ngee Ann Kongsi founder Seah Eu Chin. It was purchased by Lim Kim Tian and donated to Nanyang Sacred Union in 1940 or earlier. The other 2 houses were purchased later by Nanyang Sacred Union.
Nanyang Sacred Union was established for the 3 main Chinese religions of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, with Confucianism takes central stage, occupying the main hall, while Taoism and Buddhism take up the other 2 halls on the sides.

南洋圣教总会成立于1929/1930年,原址在北京街(俗称衣箱街),大约在1940年迁至现址。南洋圣教总会占据三间房子 - 251,253,255 里峇峇利路。253 原本是佘有进三子佘松城的住家,1940年左右由林金殿买下捐献南洋圣教总会。后来南洋圣教总会为了扩充买来另外两间。
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Confucius 孔夫子Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Tai Shang Lao Jun 太上老君
Sakyamuni Buddha 释迦牟尼
Dou Mu Yuan Jun 斗母元君
Guanyin 观音
Activities 活动
辛丑(牛)年八月廿七日 : 孔诞,祭孔大典
Lunar: 27th of 8th mth - Birthday of Confucius

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 253 River Valley Road, Singapore
Tel: 6737 2985

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