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> Seng Wong Beo 都城隍庙 Seng Wong Beo 都城隍庙 Seng Wong Beo 都城隍庙 Seng Wong Beo 都城隍庙

Seng Wong Beo

Seng Wong Beo Temple (Du Cheng Huang Miao) is a City God temple located in Tanjong Pagar. Two like-minded persons with strong interest in literary appreciation were closely associated with the founding of the temple in 1905. First is founder Master Rui Yu (1867-1953), who was a Qing dynasty's tributary scholar (Gongsheng) and became a Buddhist monk due to the abolition of imperial examination. Master Rui Yu was born Huang Xing Cun in Quanzhou, Fujian, and had served as an abbot at Chwee Long Tow Hong San See. Second is Khoo Seok Wan (1874 - 1941, aka Xing Zhou Cai Zi), a literary scholar born in Zhangzhou, Fujian. He inherited a fortune from this father and was able to financially support Rui Yu in the establishment of Seng Wong Beo. He passed away in 1941 and was buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery.
City Gods are protectors of specific territory, and are divided into 5 levels - Capital City God (known as Wang or Emperor), Provincial City God (known as Wei Ling Gong or Duke), Prefecture Capital City God (known as Sui Jing Hou/Ling You Hou or Marquis), County City God (known as Xian You Bo or Earl) and District City God (known as Nan/Zi or Viscount/Baron). The City God worshipped in Seng Wong Beo Temple is a Provincial City God or Wei Ling Gong, which is the most senior City God found in Singapore.
When Master Rui Yu passed away in 1953, Seng Wong Beo was taken over by a non-Buddhist and this has diluted the Buddhism influence in this temple. Seng Wong Beo is now better known for its Taoist rituals, helping devotees with their supplications and conducting ghost marriages. Ghost marriage is a folk ritual to unite two dead spirits. It usually starts with parents of one unmarried deceased approaching the temple to 'match-make' with another, and when a match is found both sides will meet and exchange photographs of the deceased. If both sides agree they will choose a suitable date for the ghost marriage. The other temple in Singapore that conducts such ritual is Peck San Theng.

Seng Wong Temple
Temple interior in 1986 (source: NAS)
Seng Wong Temple
Temple exterior in 1988 (source: NAS)

  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
City God (Cheng Huang Ye) 城隍爷Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Martial God of Wealth 武财神赵公明 (玄坛元帅)
Justice Bao 包公
General Horse 马将军
Heavenly Dog 天犬
Martial Guan Di 武关帝
Tua Li Ya Pek (Da Er Ye Bo) 大二爷伯
Xiao Zi Gong (Filial Son) 三爷伯孝子公
White Tiger God 白虎爷(下坛元帅)
God of literature (Wen Chang Di Jun) 文昌帝君
God of Medicine (Bao Sheng Da Di) 保生大帝
Madam Zhu Sheng 注生娘娘
Yama King (Yan Luo Wang) 阎罗王
Qing Shui Zu Shi 清水祖师
Five Ghost Generals 五鬼将军
Banyan Tree Deity (Rong Shu Gong) 榕树公
Kṣitigarbha 地藏王菩萨
Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) 观音
Hua Gong Hua Po 花公花婆
Activities 活动
庚子(鼠)年正月初六日 : 清水祖师圣诞
Lunar: 6th of 1st mth - Birthday of Qing Shui Zu Shi

庚子(鼠)年正月初八日 : 包大人圣诞
Lunar: 8th of 1st mth - Birthday of Justice Bao

庚子(鼠)年三月十二日 : 注生娘娘圣诞
Lunar: 12th of 3rd mth - Birthday of Zhu Sheng Niang Niang

庚子(鼠)年三月十五日 : 保生大帝圣诞
Lunar: 15th of 3rd mth - Birthday of Bao Sheng Da Di

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 113 Peck Seah Street, Singapore
Tel: 6221 9930

Operating Hours:
8am to 5pm

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