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> Sheng Leng Temple 显龙宫 Sheng Leng Temple 显龙宫 Sheng Leng Temple 显龙宫 Sheng Leng Temple 显龙宫

Sheng Leng Temple

The story of Sheng Leng Temple started in Ke Ren Ba (Hakka Village) at Bukit Timah 10th milestone, which is today's Teck Whye area. In the 1960s a duck farm in the village was vacated and left behind the words "Gan Tian Da Di" (the main deity of this temple). The villagers happened to be looking for a deity to bless the village and concluded that was the message sent from Heaven. They started to worship "Gan Tian Da Di" and a few of them were rewarded with good fortune, so a temple was built to worship Gan Tian Da Di.
In the 1990s Sheng Leng Temple was affected by urban redevelopment. The temple partnered with Tian Gong Tan Zhao Ling Gong and West Coast Hock Teck Si to build Jurong West United Temple, which was consecrated in 1996.
The exquisite carvings of the new temple were meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from Quanzhou, Fujian, and among them was the Jade Emperor's shrine that was built at a cost of SGD75,000. The shrine includes a 9-dragon chair for the Jade Emperor and 12 other dragons surrounding the shrine, as well as 4 Heavenly Kings and the Eight Immortals. The other impressive works of art are 2 dragon pillars fronting the temple.

显龙宫的历史可以追溯到上世纪60 年代的武吉知马十英哩客人村(德惠)。当年有些人在遗弃的鸭农场里找到“感天大帝”这四个字,于是便当为天意在家中开始祭拜感天大帝。拜过的人都事事顺利,有些还发了小财。为了感恩,村民便建了间庙安奉感天大帝。
后来土地被政府征用,显龙宫便联合天公墰昭灵宫西海岸福德祠兴建裕廊西联合宫,新庙于1996年落成。 新庙有许多精致的雕刻,比如用7万五新币从福建泉州定做的玉皇神龛就有九龙玉帝椅和环绕神龛的四海龙王及天龙八部。神龛的上层还有四大天王,下层有八仙。除此之外,庙前的两根龙柱和墙上的神明也值得欣赏。
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
Gan Tian Da Di 感天大帝Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
Xie Tian Da Di (Guan Di - God of War) 协天大帝
Monkey King 齐天大圣
Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy/Compassion) 观音
Anxi Tua Li Ya Pek (Da Er Ye Bo) 安溪大二爷伯
Five battalion Commanders (Wu Ying Shen Jiang) 五营将军
City God 城隍爷
Justice Bao 包大人
Datuk Kong 拿都公
Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王
Eight Immortals 八仙
Tua Pek Kong 大伯公
Xuan Tian Shang Di 玄天上帝
Mazu 妈祖
Shan Cai Tongzi 善才童子
Activities 活动
庚子(鼠)年二月初十 日至二月初一日 : 感天大帝暨众神圣诞
Lunar: 10th of 2nd mth to 1st of 2nd mth
Feb - Birthday of Gan Tian and other deities

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 62 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore
Tel: 6569 5321

Operating Hours:
6am to 9pm

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