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Celebrate Guangze Zunwang (Seng kong) birthday 庆祝广泽尊王圣诞

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Guangze Zunwang (Seng kong) was born Guo Zhongfu in Nan'an, Fujian. His father passed away when he was only seven years old, and had to work as a shepherd to raise money for his father's burial. On the advice of a geomancer his father was buried on a farm with very good fengshui.
After the burial Zhongfu and his mother moved to the foot of Mount Feng Shan, and started to pursue Tao cultivation . At the age of sixteen Zhongfu attained Tao when he was meditating in lotus position and began his ascent to Heaven. Unaware of what was going on, his mother pulled his left leg to stop his ascent but to no avail, and this explains why Guangze Zunwang is often portrayed with his right leg crossed and his left leg down.